Bus Rides

Sitting on a bus is a comforting feeling. It’s the feeling of going somewhere, somewhere new and somewhere unknown. It’s purposeful, and a bit scary, but all you have to do is get on. Someone else is in control. It’s a destination in of itself.


A lot of travel is time spent figuring out where to go, options for places to stay and cheapest ways of getting there. Coming up with the cheapest combinations can be a long string of research. A bus ride may be the result of well researched plans or the result of a map and a whim. Either way it’s a decision.


When first starting the whole travel experience, public transportation was an esoteric world to me. I would sometimes not know when I was supposed to get off. I relied heavily on and held great gratitude for the technology of the arrow that followed and told us our location on the phone map app.


I didn’t always know if I was really getting where I needed to go, but, regardless, I sat back and enjoyed the ride, knowing that wherever I ended up, something would work out. We would arrive.


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