Easy to Reach Cypriot Villages Near Polis

Our second visit to the island of Cyprus is being spent very differently this time around. We’re in a quiet, cozy village surrounded by villas, farms, and the sea. Five years ago, we had hopped over to Cyprus after a fantastic autumn in Greece. That time, we spent our 7 weeks in a hostel in Limmasol with a neat group of travelers. (More about that visit and the neat spots we scoped out on the island with hostel friends here.)

The hostel we stayed in last time now no longer exists. And due to the war between Ukraine and Russia, so many Russians and Ukrainians have moved to Cyprus that rental prices have gone through the roof, especially in the city where most Russians live: Limmasol. I read online that one British expat was getting more rental income from her properties in Cyprus than in London.

As usual, before arriving to Cyprus, we’d been unable to find any decent apartments online. So, as usual, we knew it would be best to do our apartment searching in person.

Although rental prices online were absolutely outrageous, God nonetheless led us to and opened the door for us to find a great place to stay in the Akamas/Polis region, where life was quiet and surrounded by farms and nature. And so began our stay in what we think is the prettiest spot on the island.

Most people come this part of the island (considered the most remote area) to go hiking in the forest reserve of Akamas. However, if you have the time, here are some very cool, ancient villages worth stopping by.

And don’t worry! The roads in Cyprus are definitely small, definitely crazy. Many of the mountain roads leading up to little villages are absolutely terrifying. All the villages we chose to visit are reachable from the main highways and relatively good routes. So hope these village suggestions will help you take a fun detour, without the possibility of falling off a cliff! 🙂

Neo Chorio

About an hour walk from Latchi, or a few minutes by car, Neo Chorio is a very Greek, sleepy, yet growing town with quaint, walkable streets. There’s also an abundance of hiking in the area. You’ll find an abundance of farms, orange, lemon, almond, walnut, olive trees around here.


Pachyammos is the last town you can drive to before you reach the border for northern Cyprus (can’t cross the border here.) It’s a sleepy town with few residents, but is visited for its beaches and the church of Agios Georgios. Learn more fun facts about the town here.


Pelathousa is another easy, close drive from Polis. You can stop at a picturesque church on the way and choose from a few hiking trails that lead to high, fantastic views of the surrounding area. The town itself isn’t much more than a few houses and a couple streets.


Located a short drive from Polis on a easy-to-drive-on road, Drousha is a small town in the mountains where you can find a monastery from the 15th century, a weaving museum, many traditional stone houses with carved wooden doors, many traditional, hand-made products and foods, wineries, etc. Try to find many of the mosaic designs outside many of the homes in the town.


Less than an hour drive from Paphos, Polis is a small town where you can visit ruins, restaurants, a campground, etc. Polis was known in ancient times as the city of Marion, one of the city-kingdoms founded by the Mycenaeans when they came to Cyprus between 1400 and 1100 B.C. Latchi is the port town just next door from which tourists often set out on boating trips.

Akamas (not a village, but found past Latchi)

Akamas is a national park where you can hike for miles and miles. It’s well-known for its Aphrodite’s baths and there’s a campground at the entrance of the park. You’ll likely get to see some wild goats while you’re hiking and great views of the peninsula!

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