(Backpack) Travel is..


  • figuring out 1,001 ways to flush a toilet. From foot pedals to a every type of lever and button.
  • Not always knowing exactly what it is you are eating.
  • Wearing the same 5 shirts and 4 shorts over and over and eventually not really caring.
  • Walking. Everywhere and all the time.
  • Discovering the best things and places by walking or going local.
  • Unconscious adjustments to new environments all the time.
  • Being surprised when you can understand a nearby conversation, because it is in English.
  • Finding yourself selecting the most basic English words to make conversation, because the majority of your conversations are with people who are still learning.
  • Having a hard time transitioning back to speaking advanced, slang-riddled English with friends from home. “Wow, they can completely understand what I’m saying?”
  • Learning humility and compassion.
  • Being floored by how many humans there are, busy doing something everywhere, everyday. And somehow God knows and cares about each person.
  • Feeling the most blessed by the little things: a kind gesture, a good conversation, a satisfying meal, a clean room, a plan worked out correctly.
  • Experiencing joy in correlation with gratitude.
  • ALWAYS being asked to take someone’s picture or give them directions. It must be part of a travelers mission/calling.
  • Having a map continually in front of your nose or in your pocket and being quite familiar with it.
  • Learning city layouts and bus systems.
  • Fun.
  • The best education (best history, culture, religions, geography, ect course you can find).
  • Knowing how to say at least hello, please, and thank you in the languages of the various places you’ve visited.
  • Seeing that everything under the sun is less different and less dangerous than you previously believed. There are pockets of good and evil everywhere.
  • Watching the West on its way out as the East rises.
  • Saying yes more than no.
  • Not knowing everything and being cool with that.
  • Not going out alone past 10:30pm most of the time. It’s just a good idea for anywhere.
  • Getting lost.
  • Taking every mode of transportation known to man, including tuk tuks and camels.
  • Meeting lots of stray dogs and cats.
  • Meeting lots of Germans and Brits.
  • Realizing that sometimes the most educated people have the least common sense.
  • The confirmation that every government is corrupt. 
  • Meeting and befriending the 99% who just want to live out their lives with peace and without interference.
  • Finding that most people are kind and willing to help.
  • Reading false news from the US about a place where you are/have been.
  • Arriving in Singapore while chewing gum (without knowing gum is not allowed lol.)
  • Having no plans, sometimes a ticket, and no booked reservations.
  • Letting yourself change.
  • Being able to feel “at home” just about anywhere.
  • A million hellos and goodbyes.
  • Patience!! Broken down buses, miscommunications, etc etc..
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