Lake Agia, Crete

The lake turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I first saw it as a little blue smudge on my map, in a square-ish, awkward shape. Good chance it was manmade. But it was in an area we’d never explored and a decent afternoon’s walk away. It would do for the day’s adventure, we figured. With a high of 70 degrees, the destination didn’t matter as much as just getting outdoors.

Our winter weather on Crete this year was proving to be more summery than our rainy, cold actual summer in Sweden and Scotland. I guess we got our seasons a little switched around this year. Although, my mom always mentions the insane heat most of Europe experienced this summer, and how God spared us those sweltering temperatures by showing us the wonderful secret that is camping through Scandinavia.

We snapped pictures, trying to find the best view of the snow-capped mountains, as we walked along. Several miles later, and after passing a prison weirdly enough, we arrived at the lake.

The walkways all around the lake were surprisingly nice. The whole area looked much more natural than I was expecting, although the lake was in fact manmade.

There were benches, picnic tables, ducks and geese, and two open, but pretty dead cafes.

For almost the entirety of our walk to the lake, we were surrounded by olive and orange fields. The lake was smack dat in the middle of farm country. There wasn’t a supermarket or much of anything, save a few houses, around.

It was nice! Hope you’ve had a nice day too. 🙂

Slideshow of photos from the day:

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