Blind Massage in KL, Malaysia

Just a couple miles from Chinatown in Malaysia’s capital, there’s a Massage School for the Blind and a corresponding massage clinic called Shujin. Without the training and livelihood provided by the school and massage center, many of those in the program would have otherwise turned to prostitution.


The Shujin massage clinic is in an area called Brickfields. It’s literally just around the corner from KL Sentral where the local bus from the airport drops you off. On our fourth visit to KL, we went directly from the airport to Shujin! 🙂


By taking an hour or two to care for your health and relax with a massage, you are helping local Malaysians not only stay out of poverty, but embellish their careers and become professionals. I find blind massage to be a beautiful support system that lifts a society. Everyone wins.


The facilities we found were clean. The stairs going up can be a bit daunting, but once inside, everything looks and smells good.


When we arrived, we received a sweeter and more welcoming reception than any other massage center I had been to. Everyone smiled and said hello and were quick to help us.


I am happy to report that this massage center was busy when we visited in December 2016! I hope we can all help keep it that way. 🙂

*Update! We went back to this massage center in March of 2017, and the prices had slightly increased to RM50/hour and RM60/hour with the specialist. Not much of a change, and definitely still worth it. We again had incredible massages and friendly, kind massage therapists.


My mom has had many massages in her lifetime. It’s one of her favorite things. Coming out from the blind massage, she said her masseuse was one of the best she had ever had. The woman who worked with Grace was great and very considerate of Grace’s Down Syndrome.


It can be a little tricky to find, but once you see the YMCA near KL Sentral, you’ll know you’re close. The Blind Massage School is at the very end of the street, but the clinic is closer.



Shujin massage clinic is also across the street from 7/11, about halfway between the YMCA and the school.



Looking straight down the street, 7/11 will be on your left and this complex on your right. Go towards the Massage Therapy signs, go up some stairs, and you’ll be there!

You’ll want building 15 (A or B, whichever stairway was on the right…). We went on a Sunday evening and it was open.


Enjoy and spread this info with your traveling friends!


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