Taiwan Tips from a Local (Interview Video with Peter)

I met 20 year-old Peter at the start of our travels around Taiwan in a hostel. As my family and I traveled through the country, we were continually surprised and impressed at the unending and untouched beauty of the abounding rivers, mountains, and seas. But what drew us in most was the openness and sincere kindness of the Taiwanese. 


As I reported back my thrilling findings about Taiwan to Peter, he shared that he too loved his country and wished to communicate the beauties of this little known island to the world.


We decided to make sharing about Taiwan a little more fun by getting two awkward people together to shoot an interview. In the video below, Peter gives us his insider knowledge on the best aspects of Taiwan. I think we ended up talking about food the longest :P, but more than anything, Peter and I hope to get across the invaluable qualities of the gracious, hospitable and friendly people who live here. 


As you go around the world, please don’t forget here’s a tiny country in Asia, her name is Taiwan臺灣! People here are full of passion, lovely, and have friendly hearts. We have interesting foods, some of the most beautiful views in the world. The mountains are too high to see the top and the sea is so beautiful it can make you forget all your annoyances. So after you visited whole world don’t forget to come back to this wonderful island.

Enjoy and Come Visit! It’s a trip you won’t regret. 🙂


P.S. I have no experience with making videos or giving interviews. Feel free to laugh at us. I’m sure you will.


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