The Polish Chocolate Bar

A petite Polish lady with perfectly white hair and stunning blue eyes came up to me in the salad area of Lidl, speaking to me in Polish. I quickly apologized and explained that I only speak English. This made her pause and stare at me for a second, shocked. But she soon recovered and continued speaking to me in Polish. Apparently she was convinced that I could help her without knowing what she was saying.

While she spoke, and I listened without comprehending a single word, she glanced at the salads— the same ones I had just added to my basket. She seemed to be asking me something about them, then reached up. I saw that she was much too short to reach the top shelf, so I pulled a salad down for her. She thanked me and asked some more questions in Polish, still confident that we could communicate.

Through body language and lots of pointing, together we matched the different salad types to their corresponding prices. Finally she seemed to have all her questions answered and laughed at our amusing interaction. She chose a salad and continued her shopping, as did I.

We bumped into each other a couple more times as we circled the store picking up our groceries. Each time she saw me again, she’d chuckle a bit and say what I’m guessing could’ve been the Polish for “haha hey, it’s you again!”

Eventually she and her husband ended up behind me in the checkout line. They noticed the 74% dark chocolate bar I was buying; it was the Lidl brand one. They showed me the 80% dark chocolate bar of a local Polish brand that they had picked out. Both husband and wife were very intent on getting across that their bar was the better one. Only 4 zloty! they tried to tell me by holding up four fingers.

I pointed to the milk I was buying, then to my chocolate bar. I acted out how I make hot chocolate by mixing the two and drink it. The wife was fascinated by this and told her husband when he came back.

As we were waiting in line, the husband had gone to fetch me another one of the 80% dark chocolate bars they were buying. He put the bar in with my stuff on the checkout conveyor belt, smiling and assuring me (as far as I could guess at least) that it was the best chocolate bar and I should definitely buy it, especially as it was only 4 zloty ($1).

I was trapped, peer pressured into buying more chocolate by a pair of friendly Polish grandparents. So I did what anyone would do of course. I thanked them and checked out of Lidl with an extra item.

For what it’s worth, that 80% chocolate bar did make a pretty darn good cup of hot chocolate. Thank you, Polish couple. 😊


So many times, when we first meet people, they hear a bit about our travels and exclaim, “Oh, that must be so exciting!”

We do absolutely love being able to explore and exercise our freedom of movement to see this world. However, in the way that we are traveling, I’m not so sure we would categorize it as “exciting” as much as just living out a regular life in many different places.

One of the upsides to living this way is having fun interactions with peoples of different cultures and languages, even in simple encounters like the one above. 😊❤

Have a happy weekend!

*P.S.: This is not a chocolate bar ad. I hope. xD

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