6 Month Travel Anniversary!

Grace has been the most spectacular backpacker who, I am sure, would put most of us to shame. She’s lost weight, learned how to figure out all kinds of doors, handles, ect. and thrive in strange, new environments. She’s been blessed by so many kind strangers who have taken the time to talk to, pray for and be with her. Thanks to the simple, full of faith prayers of an incredible stranger at a hostel in Eilat, and by the kindness of Keith and others, Grace is talking more than she has in a long time. She’s doing 100% better than she was at home in the US. As my mom says, it’s good fruit.


My mom is a natural, intuitive traveler who knows how to get a good deal, be spontaneous, and connect to others. I’m simply the logical arm that collects information and covers logistics. We ended up being a pretty good travel duo as opposite as we are in every way. And tonight a kitty almost flipped a baby rat onto her. It was pretty funny. Her Godly insights and knowledge always present our locations to me in interesting, original lights.

Prince's Islands 366

For me, travel has ignited a huge curiosity. Laying eyes on diverse, new topographies makes me wonder about rocks and all kinds of geology and biology that once bored me to tears in school. I’ve seen scores of massive and magnificent ruins and spent hours studying them in museums (another thing that used to be boring). We arrived in Brussels after almost two months of seeing ruins in Turkey and Israel. While looking at Brussels’s city hall, all the same pagan symbolism from Roman times jumped out at me from the hall’s decor. Amazing connections that show “there’s nothing new under the sun!” makes it all exciting.


Traveling has impressed upon me how much everyone around the world is in essence the same. We truly were all made in one image and have the same desires and needs. This travel is strange and supernatural. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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    1. Thanks Mary Kate! I’ve loved reading about your road less traveled adventures too. Sounds like you’re doing amazing things. I hope everything is well with you and the hubby 🙂

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